7TH Heaven bar and restaurant

P6 w9 goblet ultros

About us

I make the best drinks around and really good HQ food. We have good music to play if you're in the mood for some nice tunes while you relax after a long day of doing a quest.Oh for a rule please no minions and no jumping up on the counters or even the bar. Or you will not be served and asked to leave.

Food Menu

pizza 10k
fish and chips 5k
eggs 6k
wings 8k
basket of fries 3k
burger with fries 9k
ribs with fries and salad 11k

Liquor Menu

cosmo canyon 15k
lifestream 10k
beer 3k
wine 4k
vodka 5k
sex on the beach 6k
whiskey 7k
blowjob 8k

Dessert Menu

cheesecake 3k
chocolate cake 4k
apple turnover 2k
donuts 5k
pineapple pie 6k
chocolate chip cookies 2k

Non-Alcohol Drink Menu

Milk/Chocolate milk 500
Juice (any type) 600
Tea 2k
Coffee 2k
Soda 1k
Water free

Fun Photos

I'm a fun outgoing kitty! who loves to make drinks and cook good meals. I want everyone who comes by to relax and enjoy themselves. I do have a little helper Marlene that pops up from time to time so be nice to her or else!